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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. 4:30 on this wednesday morning, thanks for joining us, good to be bang. >> thanks for joining us. let's check in with mike to see if we have changes coming our way. live doppler quiet, no signs of rainy where. let's talk about what is going to happen in the afternoon. plenty of sun at the coast, a few clouds, breezy, upper 50s to lower 60s. breezes will move through the bay holding temperatures well below average about 5 to 13° cooler than we should be. sunshine around the bay by noon, 62 to 72. inland well below average lowest point top out at 70
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one. warmest 83° in the east bay valleys. off to a rough start. here's sue with traffic. >> on the golden gate bridge down to one lane both directions northern portion due to roadwork slow off the waldo both directions. "sig alert" in vallejo stalled big rig past wilson blocking right lane. a bit of slowing past, fortunately early enough and toe rigs are en route. still -- tow rigs are en route. a tale of two san joses. this morning residents are weighing competing versions of police cuts. last night separate meetings were held to tackle the growing crisis. terry mcsweeney is live at the police department. >> reporter: the question is, how do you do more with less?
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police union saying we need more officers. city saying we couldn't agree with you more, we jut don't have the money many meeting last night at city hall, city leaders and resident of san jose heard police response times to violent crimes are close to seven minutes, that is up. the goal is six minutes. police officers' union held its own meeting to talk about crime prevention and how people can protect themselves. the city has 1,000 police officers right now, down from 1400, four years ago. controversy over whether the city can afford more police. >> it would take 21 million dollars to give the union a raise for all of the police officers. to do that we have to close all the libraries. >> makes it seem like either or or, not true. >> reporter: voters in san jose passed measure b in june requires police and other city workers to pay more for
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pension plan or take reduced benefits. that has lead to some officers leaving the force, including chief chris moore stepping down as of january. there's been a spike in violent crime recently, a number of homicides in the past few months. mayor reed says san jose is still one of the safest cities in america. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> 4:33. it has happened again. somebody stole a valuable instrument from a student at the san francisco conservatory of music a cello worth $11,000. >> criminals came here and rummaged through my stuff and took my most valuable possession. >> reporter: 23-year-old adam young is talking about the cello he has played for the past 11 years, now it is gone after it was stolen sunday afternoon from his locker on the 4th floor.
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>> i feel like my life is put on pause now. >> reporter: the best hope of getting it back is surveillance video showing a well dressed man and woman going floor to floor at the conservatory. the pair spent an hour here before the man walked out with a cello case strapped to his shoulder. police say that is the stolen instrument. so did adam young when he saw the video for the first time. >> that's my cello. that's it. >> reporter: the cello is handmade in germany and worth about $11,000. how do you fence a cello? >> that we are hoping the public, you and the public are going to tell me how it went down we have no idea what would do with that. pawnshops will be alerted. ebay and craigslist people looking for it there. >> reporter: this is not the first time somebody has swiped an instrument. in spring of last year police using transit surveillance
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arrested a man for stealing a violin worth more than $100,000. it was -- the suspect was convicted. call police if you recognize the pair. as for the cello, adam young says it is not insured. in a few weeks san francisco supervisors will consider whether to permanently remove suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi from office. yesterday the ethics commission handed over paperwork to the board. superintendent advisers have thirty days to act and must either reinstate mirkarimi or permanently remove him from office. mirkarimi tried unyou can successful to postpone -- tried unsuccessfully to postpone the deliberations until after the elections. full board expected to sign off on contingency plan for tuition hike. it would raise tuition by 5%
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in january. if prop 30 fails would it trigger a 250 million dollar cut if funding the 23 campus system, about dr. 150 per semester -- the parents of a redwood city elementary school student alleged lay abused by a teacher filed a one million dollar claim against the district and teacher. 44-year-old bogdis is accused of violent attacks on children. she taught special education. she faces trial later this year. the boy whose parents filed a claim had to be hospitalized. a claim usually the first step towards a lawsuit. north bay pizza restaurant apologizing to customers for a glitch that nearly drained some bank accounts. it happened at the little caesar's pizza restaurant in
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petaluma. a bank glitch resulted in big delays in getting debit cards process some as long as nine months the charges went through, all at once. one customer found $300 withdrawn from his account. store managers are sending apology letters. drivers from marin into san francisco won't have to have that human touch at the toll booths soon. golden gate bridge board set to approve new recommendations to make toll-taking electronic by next february. operators will be a think of the past. drivers will have the option of using fastrak or other methods. the board meets this friday to adopt new procedures. in the last 10 minutes the space shuttle endeavour left the kennedy space center in florida bound for california this is new video in showing the shuttle piggyback on top of a 747. the shuttle was set to leave florida earlier this week,
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storms delayed the mission. final destination is california science center in los angeles. first, on friday morning, the shuttle willey edwards air force base pass over the state capitol in sacramento over hayward 8:30 a.m. back up?ú the east bay over oakland, richmond and sausalito before circling the golden gate bridge and taking a low level fly over of nasa ames research center in move fit field. get those cameras out and get -- pictures. >> i bet you want to see it? >> who me, like aviation? >> a little bit. mike was warning with the clouds could be touch and go. >> still looking that way friday morning. as we get closer we'll be able toe fine-tune it, low clouds around -- be able to fine-tune it. low clouds around. visibility 3/4 in santa rosa
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everybody else okay. low clouds not as prevalent that's why we are seeing fog also a sign that fall is around the corner with north bay valleys dipping into the 40s during the nighttime hours. low pressure still spinning west, getting closer as it does it keeps temperatures below average, 5 to 13° below average today. 50s in most areas except north 40s a lot of sun by noon even out at the coast by 4:00. temperatures will top out around 4, 80 inland, 70 bay, 57 at the coast. as we look at tomorrow, like today, coolest in the three-day forecast, warming trend two to four degrees warmer friday that will hold steady as autumn arrives saturday. a little after 3:00 this morning a chase in vallejo involving police activity and
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big rig was hit eastbound 37 past wilson and big rig is in the right lane. crews on scene right now they are asking to you stay away from the area, if you can, expect delays. speeds of 45 miles an hour getting by, only two lanes in this area, one blocked eastbound 37 with that "sig alert." we'll be following that. roadwork northbound and southbound from the waldo to the golden gate bridge both directions intensive roadwork until 6:00 this morning. howard street closure due to the dream force convention at mosconey center between third and fourth. expect delays most of the week. live shot bay bridge toll traffic lightheaded into san francisco, no problems here. -- 4:40. >> dog rescue from half a world away how 12 strays found their way into the arms of new owners in the bay area. robbery suspect caught on video, why police are anxious
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to get him off the street.
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good morning. live look from our camera high-definition even in the dark when you can't see much. there's the bay bridge traffic okay . there's been a chase out there, maybe affecting your morning drive in the east bay or north bay or pwofplgt we'll check in with sue in a couple of minutes. more news now the family of a missing retired san francisco firefighter is expanding its search following up on a tip that he may have fallen off an amtrak train. 68-year-old charles dowd last seen on a train bound for chicago.
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a passenger reported seeing him near the rear of the train thursday night an hour later, another passenger found a door ajar. that would put the train somewhere between florida morgan, colorado and nebraska when he -- disappeared. family following up on reports of possible siting -- police need public's help identifying a burglary suspect they released this video taken by a camera at a home august 30th. suspect got into the home through a sliding glass door stole electronic equipment and jewelry. redwood city police say anyone providing information leading to his a resume be eligible for a cash award. bay area has a dozen new canine residents from abroad hoping to find a better home in the u.s.. the dogs arrived from taiwan
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last night. most of them are golden retrievers. popular dog being overbred. >> in taiwan they will take these dogs they are so cute and good, once they grow to be full sized they set them free. >> they come in with blood work, they do the best they can in taiwan. we've had them come with cataract surgeries already completed. >> dog lovers in taiwan pay up to $1,000 per animal to prepare them for adoption in the u.s.. all the dogs that arrived here already have new homes. we have the situation with chihuahuas here people want them they are cute and little and then they let them go defense chief panetta tries to smooth over relations with china. the pitch he's making to its next leader.
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try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. welcome back. temperatures around the country cooler air filtering out of the great lakes towards the eastern seaboard low to mid 70s. 104 phoenix. unlike yesterday we had that severe weather along the east coast getting quiet all major
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airports across the lower 48 and regional california airports on time. 4:48. this morning more violent protests are expected in the muslim world after french satirical magazine published several cartoons today featuring caricatures which resembled prophet mohammed. they say they are using freedom of expression to comment on the news in a satirical way. yesterday 500 palestinians demonstrated in east jerusalem against the u.s.-made fill being ma mocks. >> -- prophet mohammed. the low budget film has sparked violent protests throughout the mideast. defense secretary panetta continues his trip through the -- he met with the minister of defense of china yesterday as he tries ease concerns over
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the united states increase in military in the asia pacific region. he said the u.s. is trying to have common concerns and confident the two countries will be i am -- able to improve dialogue. [ unintelligible ] san firefighter who suffered a serious leg injury recovering at home. we brought the story to you live yesterday morning. the firefighter was working with a power saw on the roof of the tequila grill on east 14th street after a fire broke out he was cut with that saw. paramedics rushed the firefighter to the hospital. doctors determined no arteries or tendons were cut. the fire started in a dumpster behind the restaurant. daredevil faces charges for a failed base jump from the highest bridge in california. 26-year-old jumped from the 730 foot tall forest hill
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bridge in placer county monday night. popular spot to base jump but still illegal he was trapped 150 above the ground for five hours until rescuers could free him. >> never jump at night couldn't see anything, a tree, i'm in pain and i'm tired. >> he is a recreational skydiver. he face two misdemeanor charges for in latest stunt. >> he's lucky that's all he got. let's turn things over to mike. some clouds. >> not as many as yesterday, a little more sunshine, unfortunately that sea breeze is too strong today, going to over how we are this late summer sun and bring another cooler than average day. happy hump day. some of the clouds hanging around, live doppler [ unintelligible ] off to a dry start, good news
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for the morning commute don't need to worry about wet weather gear, cooler, 50 los gatos everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. monterey bay and inland, cloudy conditions and fog just like we have up around 101 in the north bay, temperatures monterey bay low to mid 50s. today temperatures well below average, should be 82 in san jose today, lucky to get 70 possibly. on the peninsula, mainly mid to upper 60s millbrae 61° with the sun at the coast upper 50s to low 60s today, low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco towards sausalito low to mid 70s north bay valleys beaches upper 50s pockets of sun this afternoon. mid 70s, 76 dublin mid 80s
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brentwood 83°. inland mid 70s for hollister, morgan hill and gilroy. mid to upper 80s sacramento, chico feeling cooling effect of the sea breeze. 105 palm springs, 86 l.a.. back home rockies and giants tonight another cool breezy night 7:15, 58° dropping to 54. 40s north bay valleys tonight rest of us low to mid 50s with cloud cover low staying west and tomorrow start to move a little friday and saturday, brief warming trend before cooler weather rolls in for the first day of astronomical autumn sunday, monday, tuesday. back to vallejo where the chp has issued a "sig alert" a chase this morning around 3 a.m., sheriff collided with a big rig that big rig remains
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in lane two eastbound 37 past wilson. slow traffic past the scene there. chp advising that you stay out of that area, if you can for now and expect delays. we will be following it throughout the morning. eastbound 4 with roadwork still happening at loveridge should be picked up by 5:30, detour in place. drive out of tracy from 205 looking good, no major delays up and over the altamont just 15 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area. san rafael southbound 101 past lucas valley road civic center light at this hour roadwork crews heading to cleanup and get your morning lane configuration that work is down to one lane northern portion of the span. big day for apple fans. the company releases new ios 6 for ipads and iphones today. >> reporter: in today's tech
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bites kids snack foods dial-up sales as childhood obesity increases using free smartphone and tablet games to promote sugary products to children. twitter allowing a large picture on profile pages also adding photo streams to apps and major over all for ipad app. pad owners and others with apple devices can start downloading new operating system before the first iphone 5 is delivered works on most recent iphones, ipads. ebay bidding for unlocked phone that will work in canada, above $11,000 does come with free shipping. american phones are running $900 and up. those are your tech bites i'm john muller. facebook may be going into the advertising business.
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the company gave a hint yesterday when it revealed it is testing ads targeting users on mobile apps. facebook won't stay this is the start of an ad network some hope facebook will expand beyond website to send ads across the web as google does. >> sunnyvale senior center hosting mercury thermometer exchange this morning. mercury is a well-known toxic substance an old thermometer can be hazardous if broken, yet many still have them. will get a new mercury-free model at no coast from 11 a.m. to 130 p.m. at the senior center. >> -- i covered a story a long time ago about kids who brought it home, played with it and they condemned the
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house the next day. >> that's why we get the digital ones. next, the new service caltrain is adding for morning and evening commute. big change today to the way californians register to vote. >> simple solution to a dangerous problem. napa state worker comes up with a way to keep himself and fellow workers safe on-the-job. san francisco cuts a deal that could be a big challenge to pg&e in the city.
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